The Surprising Perks of Going on Private Jets

Have you ever thought of getting into an airport and getting the ultimate VIP experience, where one staff leads you to your seat, and another brings your luggage for you? What you’re picturing in your head is how it is when you book a flight on a private jet. You get special treatment: no more queues, no more waiting, and no more multiple (annoying) checks. You can ride the plane with ease, without you having to worry about lost or delayed luggage, and not making it in time for your appointment.

Before we get to the unexpected perks of going on private jets, it is good to know the most common advantages that come to mind. You may even answer these on your own:

Undeniable stress an anguish over your lost luggage at the airport1. Bye-bye delayed or lost luggage

If you travel a lot, for sure, you have a relative or friend who has experienced having their luggage lost in transit. You may have experienced it personally, where you had to endure one full week of not having your luggage with you. It is a massive hassle to have lost luggage when you are traveling because, first, you’ve got all your clothing, toiletries, and other stuff that you cannot live without in that one bag. It is more of a hassle if you’ve got medications in your luggage, too. And if you’ve got prescription drugs in your lost luggage, it can even get life-threatening on your part. How are you supposed to get these medications somewhere in the world without your prescription, more so if you need to take them straightaway at certain hours?

There’s a lot to lose when you’ve got delayed or lost luggage, so it is crucial that you pack all your important stuff in your hand-carry bag. However, when you go on a private jet, you worry nothing about having your luggage delayed or lost. You just hop on a plane, enjoy the ride, and arrive at your destination with all your bags with you. You don’t even have to wait long for immigration and bag check purposes.

2. Experience pre- and post-flight with ease

When you go on a private jet, you don’t have to worry about missing your flight, arriving late at your destination, waiting in line for check-in, having to weigh your luggage to make sure it is within the limit, queueing for immigration, and waiting for boarding. All these are done with ease when you go on a MBSF – Los Angeles listed private jet, because the process is seamless and, in turn, you are left with no worry. In truth, you don’t even have to stress about anything else since everything is already done for you, and all you have to do is to follow your butler. You won’t even have to bring your luggage, as someone is going to do this for you.

Not having to worry about delayed or lost luggage, and experience pre- and post-flight with ease are some of the typical advantages that come to mind when we talk about going on private jets. But how about the unexpected perks of going into one? What makes it all fancy and something to look forward to?

Here are some of the surprising perks of going on private jets:

Private charter jet companies over various customer perks1. You get exclusive access to shopping, accommodations, and events

When you buy a seat on a private jet, you think you are only paying for the flight, right? In fact, you are getting your money’s worth because you also get exclusive access to the private jet companies’ affiliated stores, boutique hotels, and events. And the more you buy flights with the same company, the more you will get better perks. You get discounts and complimentary tickets to various stores, hotels, and events. You may even get concert tickets for free, or flights for free. These are some of the surprises that you get when you book on a private jet, and these are not offered on commercial planes.

2. You can fly with your entire group and not worry about disturbing other passengers

When you go on a commercial plane, for sure, you have to stay on your guard. It is rude to talk or laugh boisterously with your mates, and you cannot just put your feet up when you want to. You have to think of other passengers in mind because, yes, you are all sharing the space.

However, when you go on a private jet, you can talk and laugh as much as you want with your companions. You don’t have to worry about staying on your guard, since all your seatmates are part of your group, anyway. Unless you are traveling with a party pooper friend or relative, then you can mainly talk about anything and everything under the sun when you go on a private jet.

Going on a private jet has more advantages than going on a commercial plane, so if you have the budget for it, why not give it a try?