Homework Assistance Programs

Homework Club is for children in the third to fifth grade. The Homework Club has three distinct areas: the Classroom, the Computer Lab and the Creative Center. Assisted by staff and volunteers, most of the children complete their homework in the Classroom. Many children also use the computers in the Computer Lab to do homework and further develop academic skills. After homework completion, children do activities in the Creative Center. The Creative Center has arts and crafts materials, educational games, puzzles, a listening center (for listening to stories and music) and a reading corner with quality books. Parents participate in workshops that assist them in helping their children succeed in school.

Homework ClubStart Now is a parent/child homework assistance program for first and second graders that focuses on helping parents and children learn together in a fun and supportive environment. We assist children with their homework quality and completion, and in writing, reading, math and computers skills. Our professional staff helps children develop independent study habits. Through role modeling, discussion groups and videos, we provide opportunities for parents to learn:

• reading strategies and activities to make reading fun for their children
• games and activities to develop children’s math skills
• how to help their children with homework and develop independent study skills
• ways to communicate with children to promote language development
• how to use educational software to learn together