Here Comes the Rain: How to Stop Pests from Invading Your Home

During the monsoon season, insects and rodents start proliferating because of this weather a good time for them to breed, settle in their hideouts, and eat the food that they have collected during summer. The rain allows these creatures to teem with life as the world sleeps.

Pesky ants thrive during rainy seasonWhile it is great news for insects and rodents, it is bad news for people. It is because people go to great lengths to protect their home from these insects and rodents. When these creatures co-exist with people, they are rebranded as “pests” because they are unwanted in the house.

It may be sad when you think about it when you consider animal rights. However, the reality goes that these “pests” and people cannot co-exist together. There are the issues of hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitation that prove to be difficult to manage when “pests” and people live together. It’s a good thing services like Broadway Exterminating for pest control issues could help you solve these problems for you.

During the rainy season, pests would scour every available space where they feel safe. Unfortunately, that safe place is your home. Because you take care of your home and keep it clean, you think that you are safe. However, there are times when you miss cleaning hard-to-reach areas. You think it is okay because it is just one crevice or one pothole that you’ve overlooked. However, it is these little things that make a difference. And when dirt and water pile up in this looked-over area, pests start invading it. When you discover their presence, you realize you’ve acted out too late.

How do you ensure that your home is safe from pests during this monsoon season? Here are some tips to help you:

Mosquitoes need water to propagate their larvae1. Get rid of water-collecting items

Empty pots, old truck toys, and old wheels are some of the things that can collect water during this season. Stagnant water is the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes may be small, but they sure can cause lots of serious diseases, the deadliest of which are malaria and dengue fever. Before the rainy season starts, be sure to get rid of these water-collecting items. Make sure to drain water that stays in your plant pots, and have your leaking pipes fixed. Clean your rainwater collection storage tanks, and make sure they are fresh again, ready for this rainy season.

2. Check all your doors and window screens

Pests want to find shelter in your home during the rainy season, so you don’t want them creeping in your windows during this time. Check the screens of your windows to make sure there are no holes in them. And ensure that these filters are still correctly installed.

If you want extra protection, you can put rubber guards on your window and door panes, so you get to block off pests of all sizes who want to get into your home. These rubber guards can get rid of rats, cockroaches, and bugs, among others, who are trying to look for a safe abode amidst the storm.

You can still protect your home from pest invasion during the rainy season. The key is to prepare well before the start of this season, so you can fix things in your house while the season is still pleasant and dry.