South San Francisco Green Living and Recycling Resources

Reference librarians have recently created a brochure, South San Francisco Green Living and Recycling Resources. Copies are available at the reference desk. Here are some highlights.

We recycle in SSF libraryGeneral Recycling

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Promotes safe handling of waste throughout California. Explains state regulations about safe disposal of toxic materials. Includes news links, educational materials, and link to a Cal EPA Environmental Complaint Form to report unsafe disposal practices.

San Mateo County Recycle Works

Includes a searchable database of places to take unwanted and hazardous materials, tips for waste prevention, and information about energy-efficient buildings. Link to yard-waste collection schedule for 2008.

South San Francisco Scavenger Company, Inc.

Provides garbage pickup and recycling services to South San Francisco residents. Gives clear information about how to recycle household refuse such as plastic, aluminum, glass, and cardboard.

City of South San Francisco Police Department

Safely dispose of unwanted or out-of-date prescription drugs by dropping them off at the police department. Leave drugs in original containers, but remove or black out personal information.

Electronic Waste (e-waste) Disposal

Electronic Waste Management

Sponsors free public e-waste disposal and recycling events for TVs, computers, monitors, copiers, and audio video equipment. Maintains an up-to-date calendar of local recycling events.

Goodwill Industries International

Free drop off of computers, cell phones, networking equipment, TVs and most other electronic equipment, working or not, at any donation center. Materials are recycled or refurbished and sold to support Goodwill’s charitable programs.

Blue Line Transfer, Inc.

Free recycling of batteries, motor oil and filters, latex paint, anti-freeze, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs for South San Francisco residents. Small charge for recycling electronic products such as computers, monitors and appliances.

CTIA Wireless Recycling Site

CTIA, the Wireless Association provides step-by-step instructions about how to safely recycle personal cell phones. Members of CTIA such as AT&T, Verizon, and Nokia provide links to free recycling of their products at this site.