Community Learning Center

Our Mission

We believe that each child, youth and adult has unique strengths, talents and skills. Incorporating these gifts, we build a community where people learn and teach each other in order to experience personal and professional success. We are committed to building an environment that fosters:

  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Fun

Community LearningHistory

In 1998, the City of South San Francisco held community meetings to respond to the educational needs of its multi –cultural residents. A team of city staff, residents, businesses and representatives from schools and local agencies was formed to create and sustain the Community Learning Center.

We serve approximately 1,500 children and adults annually and support our community by:

  • Providing businesses with employees able to accept increased responsibilities
  • Improving academic performance and keeping children in school
  • Building independent and confident English language learners, and preparing them to become citizens
  • Increasing access to computers
  • Reducing gang involvement
  • Providing families with training, resources and support to reduce violence and enhance educational success
  • Supporting parents in helping their children with their homework
  • Assisting immigrants in becoming involved in their community and developing leadership skills