10 Crucial Skin Care Don’ts

Skin care is important to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It is more than the kind of soap you use and encompasses, your diet, bath products, lotions, makeup, habits, stress, and the environment. All these components affect your skin and how fast it ages. Radical molecules can go on and affect your skin through oxidation. Air pollution, smoke, sun, and a poor diet can speed the production of radicals.

As such it is important to care for skin, not just by using care products but also by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have heard of skin care Do’s, but there are also some Don’ts that you need to be aware of.

Skin Care Don’ts

  • Usage after expiration date:

You must avoid using old skin care products. Using any skin care products have crossed their date of expiry can cause skin irritation or lead to breakouts. An organic or natural product that has expired can attract germs and bacteria onto your face. The expiration date tells you when the product will start degrading and losing its potency. Using old products until you exhaust all of them isn’t worth the risk.

  • Incorrect exfoliation:

Too much exfoliation is not goodSometimes people either don’t exfoliate at all or over-exfoliate. Both these actions are bad for your skin. If you don’t scrub your face, then you must start immediately. Gently exfoliating skin can remove dead skin cells, promote skin cell turnover and remove rough skin. If you over-exfoliate or scrub more than 3 to 4 times a week, then it can cause tears and micro rips on delicate skin. Try scrubs that are made for gentle exfoliation, instead of sugar or walnut shell that can be abrasive.

  • Using a PM product during day time:

Are you one of those who applies a night time cream in the morning? Products are used in night time routines as they are designed for such a purpose. A PM skin formula uses anti-aging and brightening agents like Coq10 or Retinol, that rely on darkness to work on the skin. These agents, when exposed to sunlight can increase the vulnerability and sensitivity of your skin. As such they are advised to be used at night.

  • Using a body cream on the face:

Sometimes people think that it is ok to use a body cream or lotion everywhere, even on the face. It does save time and money when you do that, but it is not right. Natural body lotion or cream is specifically formulated for the skin on the body. They are formulated with super hydrating ingredients that may be too thick for the delicate and thinner facial skin.

The skin on the hands and feet is very thick when compared to the area near our eyes. To penetrate thick skin, the moisturizers have to be aggressive, which is too sharp for facial skin. Treat your skin with the right formula based on the correct body part.

  • Hot or scalding water for cleansing:

Avoid using scalding water to wash your face. Use lukewarm or warm water and not very hot water. If it is too hot for your hand, it’s hot for your face. It strips the skin of natural oils and can also cause burns. Lukewarm water opens pores to allow you to clean the excess oil and dirt. But using extremely hot water will be bad for your skin.

  • Not using SPF, post a retinol treatment:

Night time retinol treatments have to be followed up with the usage of SPF cream the next day. Night time treatments remove damaged layers, and you have new skin in the morning. This “new” skin is sensitive and delicate; as such, it is important to protect it from harsh elements like the sun.

  • Skin type and incorrect products:

It is essential to know your skin type so you can use products that are most suited to it. Not knowing your skin type and using the wrong products is the worst thing you can do to your skin.

  • Overloading products:

There is no need to use a cupboard full of products every time and daily. The skin will tap out when it feels overloaded. There may be excess dryness, breakouts or even excessive oiliness if you use too many products. Switch products in and out of your routine for best results. For those who follow the Korean skincare routine can take a look at the products for KBeauty by Peach & Lily.

  • Applying product in incorrect order:

After getting to know your skin type, the next step is to apply the right products, in the right order. The correct layering of skin products is important as each formula has molecules of different sizes and nutrients have to be delivered in the correct order to the skin. Start with a cleanser and exfoliator, followed by a toner, serum and sheet mask. End with eye cream, moisturizer and night balm or sunscreen.

  • Do not trust everything on the internet:

Don’t trust everything you read on the internet on skin care. All beauty blogs may not have the right experience and expertise in skin care. Be careful about whose advice you take and tread carefully.

The above given Don’ts are very important to keep your skin healthy and safe. Avoid chemical sprays on the face and cleanse your face of makeup before going to bed. Drink plenty of water while following a good diet. Get a good night’s sleep daily, exercise and don’t stress too much. Taking care of skin isn’t a tedious process, but you must be careful and take good care of it.